Voter participation

Voter participation

Voter participation in an election is an important process for any country. The process normally takes place after a voter registration which is digital and is based on the statistic on the research institute. I have registered to vote in any election in my country, and it is my right to participate. Most of my close friends who are over eighteen years have registered and normally participate in the country’s election. However, it has been determined that there is a decreasing trend in voter turnout in the US which is believe is because of some aspects that can be solved. The paper will address voter participation in my country.

Yes, I am registered to vote because it is my constitutional right to vote and choose the kind of leaders I want for my country. I usually vote because it is my role to make sure that I elect the leaders whom I feel have the capacity to respond to our needs as a community. Thus, the single vote I cast assists in making sure that the dream comes true. I tend to vote more on all the local, state and national elections because it is important to note only to vote for national leaders but also local leaders. For instance, a president must have a majority of votes from all the states which makes it important to vote for your leaders at the local level.

Most of my friends and family are registered voters and can participate in any election of the country. Most of them are always eager to vote for their suitable candidates from the local level all the way to the national level. I think it is because it is our role to vote for the leaders we want. The only way to make sure that our leaders of choice get to the position is through a voting process where every single vote counts. Moreover, I think it is not logical for one to register as a voter and then fail to vote in the end. It is thus a confirmation of why most of my friends and family members who are registered always turn out to vote in almost all the levels. Therefore, to make sure that my leader ascends to power, it is my role to participate in a voting process in all election levels.

However, I think it is not a problem that most people do not vote in elections in the United States of America. There exist a variety of reasons that could result in these issues in the state which can be solved in the future. First, some of the voters are disillusioned with what they perceive as inefficacy of a political system. Second, there is a possibility that some people are living far from polling stations which discourage them from voting. Third, other people give priority to their jobs or families. It is apparent that these people choose to attend to their jobs and family and neglects a voting process. Fourth, a voter suppression efforts such as photo identity requirement, penalties on late registrations, and last-minute vote closure (Agranov et al., 2017) Therefore, this issue could be the reason for low voter turnout in US elections.

I agree with Eugene v. Debs concept that it is better to vote for what you want and fail to get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it. According to the concept, it is more logical to use our votes to elect people we want than people we do not wish to because it should be free. This concept greatly influenced the 2000 US presidential election since Gore got popular votes compared to Bush. However, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bush after both candidates failed to reach 270 electoral votes. It is apparent that the majority of the people voted for Gore, but they ended up having Bush as their president. It is evident that the concept means that it is important to vote for the leaders we want at all levels of government. Thus, even with contradicting outcome from election results, the people willingly voted for the leader they want to represent them.


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