Annotated Bibliography “Domestic Violence”

Annotated Bibliography “Domestic Violence”

Alejo, Kavita. “Long-term physical and mental health effects of domestic violence.” Themis: Research Journal of Justice Studies and Forensic Science 2.1 (2014): 5.

Domestic violence is considered one of the social issues that affect people in equal measure despite their gender, race, and age among others. The violence committed against men and same sex is considered to be a minimal threat to the victims. The result shows that men and women endure similar harm, but women undergo more long-term effects due to violence. The study is importance to my research because it gives vital information on the health effects of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Kavita is a member of Pesek Research group and is pursuing a career in criminalistics which makes her a reliable source.

Bailey, Kimberly D. “Lost in translation: domestic violence, the personal is political, and the criminal justice system.” J. Crim. L. & Criminology 100 (2010): 1255.

This is a criminal journal authored by Kimberly. She is an associate professor of law in the US and is conversant with government policies and implementation. In the article, Kimberly intends to discuss feminism and how government policies formulated impact feminism as a whole. Various government policies on criminal justice domestic violence have been considered to undermine the victim’s autonomy. This resulted in an intense criticism from feminists who believe that government policies are introduced not to support the rights of women but to oppress them instead. The article is important in my research in understanding the paradox that exists in the system that was put in place to assist victims of domestic violence. It is also relevant in understanding the impact of government policies set to protect feminists from domestic violence.

Breiding, Matthew Joseph, Jieru Chen, and Michele C. Black. “Intimate partner violence in the United States–2010.” (2014).

The authors start by noting that immediate impact, intimate partner violence has consequences that can last in a lifetime. They stem the conclusion on various studies that have shown that away from hurt and death, the focus of domestic violence are more probable to account a range of serious and prolonged cerebral health disorders. However, the article is important in my research because it gives an approach that shows the effects of domestic violence on health. It will bring my research an extensive approach to the effects of domestic violence on the health of victims. Moreover, all the authors Breiding, Michele and Chen are Ph.D. holders which makes the article valid.

Katz, Emma. “Domestic violence, children’s agency, and mother-child relationships: Towards a more advanced model.” Children & Society 29.1 (2015): 69-79.

Katz is a senior lecturer in childhood and youth and domestic abuse researcher at Liverpool Hope University. This makes the study credible for use in further research. The study tends to determine the effect of domestic violence on women and their children. It is evident that most women and their children undergo psychological torture as a result of domestic violence particularly from the partners. Besides, the relationship between a child and mother grows stronger in this situation, and as a result, the child ends up supporting their mother to live the perpetrators. The article is important in my research because it provides an analysis of the psychological effect that can be passed on to the children whose mothers are victims of domestic violence.

Letellier, Patrick, and David Island. Men who beat the men who love them: Battered gay men and domestic violence. Routledge, 2013.

According to authors, domestic violence among gay marriages and relationship is rated third in terms of a social problem in the US. The men who bit up their male partners opens up a window on the silent and hidden gay domestic violence. David and Patrick provides a picture of men’s domestic violence, brings its brutality to life and examines the health impact that comes along with this kind of violence. The book is important in my research as it lightens the dark side of gay relationship violence that has been hidden for a long time. Moreover, both David and Patrick have research skills which make the book credible.

Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal. “Domestic Violence and Abuse; Recognizing the Signs of an Abusive Relationship and Getting Help” retrieved from;… (2018)

According to the authors, domestic violence and abuse can occur to anyone and yet the problem is ignored and overlooked. There exist a variety of signs of an abusive relationship which people must be able to understand. It is apparent that the fear of a partner is the most telling of the signs since it tells more of a relationship between the two people. The article is important to my research because it provides important signs to look for in an abusive relationship. It also notes that people have ignored domestic violence yet it can happen to any person. Moreover, it is also important to acknowledge the academic qualification of the authors which makes the source credible.

Tsavoussis, Areti, et al. “Child-witnessed domestic violence and its adverse effects on brain development: a call for societal self-examination and awareness.” Frontiers in public health 2 (2014): 178.

According to the authors, a child who is witness domestic violence with no intervention could develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that leads to permanent changes to their personality and ability to interact effectively within the society. There is also evidence of the physical changes that take place in the brain. The article is significant to my research as it provides knowledge on the health complications that come along with domestic violence especially in children who end up being witnesses of this horrific situation. The author’s academic qualifications make the article relevant for research purposes as far as the field of domestic violence is concerned.

Website Analysis

I am researching domestic violence which has greatly affected the society. Domestic violence is not something that started today but is something that has gained national attention over the past ten years with cases being reported daily. The URL of the website that I am evaluating is “” on domestic violence and abuse but also majors on the signs of an abusive relationship and getting aid. The website provides balances, objective and factual information. The information provided on the website is based on facts obtained from credible sources and primary research.

Melinda Smith has a profound academic qualification with a masters in Psychology and Bachelors in English and History. She also works with Harvard health publications in developing co-branded contents for the site. On the other hand, Jeanne Segal is a Ph.D. holder and a pioneer in the field of emotional intelligence. She has participated in assisting readers in practical approach through her guides and has engaged many in the thought process. Moreover, she has written five books which have been published in diverse languages. Thus, through the above information, it is evident that the authors of the website have the right academic qualification to given information on the subject of domestic violence.

It is apparent that every website must have a purpose. The website I selected is an educational or public service website because it provides relevant information to the public. The authors researched extensively on issues around domestic violence especially on the possible signs of an abusive relationship to provide the result to the public. Any person who reads the web-article will gain some insight into the signs of an abusive relationship. Moreover, it also provides a possibles solution to domestic violence by first understanding that it can happen to everyone. Through the signs, an individual can look easily identify whether they are in an abusive relationship or not.

Moreover, this website can also be classified under a website for scholarly research. The website for scholarly research is intended to provide information to researchers to allow them to make informed decisions about a research problem they want to solve. It is apparent that the website has information that can assist other researchers in making decisions in regards to their field. For instance, a researcher can use the signs of an abusive relationship to determine a possible solution to domestic violence. Thus, it is evident that the website does assist not only public readers but also researchers in understanding their research.