You Will Be Narrating Your Own Childhood Memory Imitating The Style Ofnick Flynn.

You Will Be Narrating Your Own Childhood Memory Imitating The Style Ofnick Flynn. Next, You Must Retell Your Same Story In The Voice/Style Of Either Kaysen Or Macdonald. Imitation According To Nick Flynn
I’m standing at a veranda, and it is six in the evening expecting my mother to be home. I don’t think. My mind was far away, considering how my day will end. Two minutes later, my phone ringed. “Hello, Brian Powell, would you mind having some today?” Marie asked me. “I don’t mind” I replied. For the last two years in elementary school, I was influenced by Thomas Craig my great friends into substance abuse. Thomas used to sniff cocaine at a tender age, and being in his company several times, I started sniffing Cocaine when I was ten years of age. “How can I get it? Know? Later or…” I asked. “I can bring it over there. Provided you keep the promise” Marie answered back. Marie was my longtime girlfriend from Boca Raton in Florida. Although we were friends, Marie was the supplier of cocaine to my friends and I. “Mum not home, so hurry, I don’t want her to know it.” I explained.
After an hour of a wait without seeing my mother, I decided to lock myself in my study room waiting for my “activator.” I knew that if Marie would find my mother at home, it will be another different story. After twenty or so minutes, Marie arrived and gave me Cocaine. I have been under care with a single parent. I used to ask my mother whereabouts of my father, but all were in vain. She did not like opening up for us on the issue. After a severe intake of the substance, I snapped off without waiting long for my mum to arrive back home.
The following morning, I woke up as usual. Prepared and left for school. I used to study at Pine View Elementary School; a place not far from home. Upon arriving at the gate, I was called by Mr. Peterson, the school headteacher. “Why are you late?” he asked. I could not reply because it was not the first time I was late. Not knowing that Mr. Peterson has been watching my moves, he asked me to explain to name the person who was supplying with the cocaine. “Marie sir!” I replied. “When did this begin?” Mr. Peterson asked. “Two years ago Sir” I replied innocently. “We have arranged for your rehabilitation program, and we have to take you today.” He added. I had no otherwise but to join Banyan Boca rehabilitation center. At the center, I was assigned to a caregiver; Mr. Philip who was nice to me. “I was an addict; I lost my family because I used to walk down the street. So I forgot about my wife and my unborn child. I think by now he or she may be twelve years” he said.
One day, my mother decided to pay me a visit at the center. Upon seeing my caregiver, she was perplexed. I could not tell what the surprise was. “Philip?” mum called. “Hannah Baker?” Mr. Philip called back. After a long time of conversation between my mother and the caregiver, my mum came to me and told me that Mr. Philip is my father, whom he thought had died long ago. I was happy to see my father for the first time in life. Additionally, when Mr. Peterson came back to inquire more about Marie who had been supplying me with Cocaine, he realized she was Marie Peterson. Marie person was her daughter who left school and started engaging in drug trafficking.
Imitation according to Susanna Kaysen
My mind is wandering over the horizons feeling so lovely about my expectations. My mum was to be home by then. I live with my mother in Boca Raton, Florida; a single mother who is so tight and daring in life. I have never heard of anything about my dad mentioned, and I was too losing the concern about his whereabouts. The most incredible thing was how they met and later parted again. It was six in the evening when my phone rang hoping to be my mother calling me about supper. “Hello? Do you mind some? Things are so fresh here honey, come on let’s do it!” It was Marie Blunt my client, girlfriend and somewhat the most reliable friend by then. We both seemed to understand each other most of the time. I’m just a twelve years old student Pine view school, but already drowning and wandering in the world of drugs. The habit is scaring away most of my trusted people including my teacher Mr. Peterson Blunt, coincidently the father to my girlfriend in crime; Marie Blunt. What confusion! Within twenty minutes or so Marie was already at our home with the package. It would be a living hell if she would meet my daring and scary mum. Thank God that she delivered me my cocaine before my mum could be home. My life is stuck, I find myself dreaming of how beautiful it would be when I grow up becoming the best cartel in town selling and supplying the drugs everywhere. But this was an endless dream full of fake illusions that would never come to pass.
The following morning, I went to school later than anyone could apprehend. It was half-past nine o’clock in the morning; six o’clock to me. “Where you coming from and what are is the time?” he roared. It was Mr. Peterson Blunt, my Head teacher right beside me furiously concerned. The day of reckoning had come, and this time no one was ready to help me out because of the burning atmosphere around me.
Mr. Peterson was such a person that would never deflect from his set purpose. He had investigated and realized that I have been using drugs for the past six months and it was my time to face the law. If not the law then I don’t know what it was!” Who has been supplying you with drugs?.” He roared again. Marie sir!” I said shaking. Mary has been a lady that I knew when I was still ten, but could not fathom why she has never been open to tell me her story concerning her family. She happened to have been born in my hometown but never had an interest in spending her life there.
This day became the turning point when I turned either side of the leaf. Mr. Peterson had already organized with his team on how I would be taken to a rehabilitation center. Today am in my living room, twenty- eight years old appreciating the mighty work did by my head teacher, Mr. Peterson. I thought of how I met this man who was responsible for our unit at the Banyan Boca rehabilitation center. The man narrated how he lost his life because of drugs and was ashamed of even going back home because of shame. He landed at Banyan Boca due to the same situation as mine. The name he said was Philip Powell. What a coincidence! My surname too was Powell, the name I have ever wished knowing its origin. After, a period of four months when my mother came to check on his son, a more confusing coincidence came along when my mother met Mr. Philip who vanished into the streets and never went back home for her. The day of the lord had come! Mr. Philip was my father, something I never expected just like Mr. Peterson also later realized that Marie was his daughter who had been thought to have died long ago. Marie is now a mother to my two kids after the union of the two parted families. Thank god for the rehabilitation center!
Analysis of the original and the imitated essays
The two writers; Nick Flynn and Susana Kaysen in their pieces of work The bullshit of the city and Girl, Interrupted respectively, has used narrative and conversations. They both seem to be narrating the personal stories and experiences (Helsel 365-375). Flynn is depicted describing the story of poverty and homelessness not to forget drug addiction. Besides, he also narrates the root of his poetic skills. On the other hand, Susana is describing a personal account on how she became addicted to sex, and the effects of permissiveness in the society. Moreover, she also tells of how she became mentally ill as a result of her addiction. In his work, Flynn is quoted having a direct conversation with his father. These two styles have been useful in clarifying the point intended for the public. Also, the two have used a Fragmentary style in explaining how disorganized their lives were. For instance, the confused mind of a homeless drunkard Flynn has been shown through his fragmentation style.
According to the original essay, The Bulshit of the City, Flynn has employed a confusing, non-chronological order, and subjective perspectives to represent the actual confused life that he experienced (Flynn 2-12). Flynn lived a homeless life full of confusion, drunkenness, for instance, he kept on moving from job to job, and from street to street. When normality is interfered with by drugs, the result is confusion.Similarly, the life of Susana is also fragmented as indicated by her lifestyle. Therefore, the lives of the two authors are compatible with their styles.
According to my observations, the different styles employed by the two writers were not the same. Although Susana’s styles should be accredited, I have chosen Flynn’s. It is because the latter seems to narrate a real story based on a real experience. Besides, the styles he has employed conform to the context of the story. In contrast, Susana’s memoir seems to be exaggerated, and her story does not seem to be a real as Flynn’s. When imitating Flynn’s style, I felt motivated and enthusiastic towards his styles because he actively engaged the audience to his story. On the hand, it was so discouraging to use a boring style like Susana’s (Sussana 12).
As far as I am concerned, I believe that I successfully imitated the two styles. It is evident in both of my two mirrored stories that I employed all then styles and elements used in the development of the memoir (Mangold et al. 6-23). Moreover, according to my observations, it was so hectic to imitate Susana’s work, unlike Flynn’s work that was so direct to understand and emulate.
Furthermore, the writing styles imitated affected the content that I delivered. As in the case of Susana, my well-planned content deviated and created another different theme. As opposed to Flynn’s work that raised and added flesh on my content. Considerably, I would have presented better material generated with a high level of creativity without necessarily copying from any of the styles.
In precision, am positive about the use of various styles in these two pieces of work. Otherwise, I have learned some items from Flynn’s work of making a non- chronological order of things as a way of indicating confusion and desperation in life. Susanna’s work is also worth some credit even though being too much aligned with Flynn’s work. The comparison and contrast analysis is a good writing skill that is able at making differences in the various pieces of writings. It is worth for one to realize the importance of writing about oneself in a bid to relay information concerning the past personal experiences (McCarthy 222-223).
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