Journal Reflections

Review of Article “The Future evolution of man.”

From my reading experience, I feel that the author of the book Sri Aurodindo introduces his theme of the evolution towards consciousness as the centerpiece of his vision of man’s meaning and purpose on earth. This particular article has a depth sense of humanity and about its various aspects of real life. I feel that this is the best philosophical view developed by Sri Aurodindo. I experienced that the evolution of consciousness is the central motive of mundane existence. It allowed the entire revolution working of nature maintains a double process, which identified in the book in the evolution of forms and development of the soul. What I feel after reading the entire article is the combination of shapes and soul describe an image of proper humanity (Aurobindo, 1996). It seemed that a change in consciousness as the whole is the significant fact of the next evolutionary transformation; where complete the knowledge itself, by its mutation will imply as well as impose any necessary mind and soul (Aurobindo, 1996). After reading the entire article, my experience felled that modern worlds structure are changing rapidly along with new problems arise from advances measured in both science and technology (Aurobindo, 1996). Humanity is unable to keep distance and pace with the movement as it maintains a set of motion and the unsolvable problems, which defines us.

Review of Article “Simone Weil – Decreation”

The words described by the author in this article delivers that love is the intermediary between the divine and us. I feel that to make something created pass into the nothingness a blameworthy substitute for recreation. My reading experience concluded that depreciation is the act of elapsing an individual ego, which allowed the means by which we recognize ourselves in certain loopholes of our beings. The entire article defined that creation is an act of love and it is perpetual (Bomb, 2016). I feel that the author described the importance of the role in our lives based on a particular hypothesis. The purpose of interpretation in our lives is very much essential and the author in the entire article described in the best manner. In the whole study, the role of an imaginary divinity has given to the man so that the person feels the actual meaning of recreation across the entire life (Bomb, 2016). The author described the presence of God differently.
Nevertheless, what I think after my reading experience that there are two critical ways, which described in the entire article about the existence of God.The author explained that God is present in everything, which exits as soon as it exists (Bomb, 2016). The presence of creation is one of the most important role-plays in our thinking. The first presence is the presence of production, which is followed by the presence of recreation. The entire lesson describes in the study about its necessity and to uproot oneself and to cut the tree and make of it across, and then to carry it every day (Bomb, 2016).

Review of Article “The Simone Weil Reader”

The present article described the theological ideas, which scattered in Simone Weil is writing the book to the same period of which it belonged. There are different parts of learning in the entire article, which evaluated how human creation may uncreate itself (Panichas, nd). Participle as the whole described although beauty is the only thing, which described towards devastating enough aspects towards penetrating the soul. Affection is the highlighted work in the whole study, which focused on how the nature, and how human beings behave in certain situations. Developing peace and humanity along with affections, which I feel, the author in the present book tried to describe in the overall proceedings (Panichas, nd). From my experience, there is the individual level of compares highlighted in the circumstances, out of which one of the primary examples that men have the same carnal nature as compared with an animal. One can only accept the existence of affliction by considering it as a distance.
I have learned different role-play of God in our daily life, which provided as one of the best examples of my learning is in the entire article. Similarly, it presented as one of the most critical aspects towards describing the humanity in the real world.

Review of Article of “Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man.”

In the present article, the author described the issue of man. The article explained that God taught man and all the angles described themselves in a precise manner. In towards generations as well as civilization has based its religion upon the humanism, which I feel is more critical as compared with other things (Shariati, 2018). The entire article assumed that several faiths in the past devastated man are personality. This encouraged some individual to contributed or sacrifice himself for his gods and confess own powerlessness. I feel after reading the entire article I think that Humanism is a post-renaissance belief that defines the providential orders and those notions and beliefs, which were dependent on the supernatural powers in the complete findings (Shariati, 2018). Developing trust believe among the people is one of the best signs of humanity, which the author tried to described in the study as the whole and I feel after reading is the right way to describe humanity.
There are various religions, which different man involved in life. The good thing, which I felt after going through this particular article, is the brief description of Greece. The main reason, what I feel towards the entire report is Athens, capital of Greece played a vital role towards the roots of humanism. The author also described that it is one of the essential foundations of today’s modern Western culture. The entire journal served about all the facts and findings based on both the religion of Eastern and Western culture. My learning after the completion of the whole article concluded that towards understanding the importance of faith, one needs to view and familiarise himself with its book, prophet, and its best products (Shariati, 2018). Nevertheless, it highlighted about all the essential facts and findings of the Islam religion, and with this particular concept, I have learned that God does not subjugate Islam man as he is regarded as the Lord’s associate, friend, and trustee on earth.

Review of Article “The Ethics of Ambiguity”

The final article described the ethics of Ambiguity, which involved an underlying sense of friction. However, from my learning, the author explained that it is a Simone de Beauvoir’s second major non-fiction work (Beauvoir, 1948). The entire article concluded specific promotions in different types, which I feel that provided as one of the most critical aspects of all time. It described the continuous workflow of our life. There are several highlighted points, which analyzed some of the different means and described possesses, of being a sovereign and unique subject amidst a universe of objects (Beauvoir, 1948). The entire books maintain several sections, which reflected an in-depth analysis of the daily proceedings of life in a described manner (Beauvoir, 1948). As discussed, there are several points, which analyzed the importance of this particular article, and some of the highlighted points, which I feel after my reading, our freedom and others, freedom and liberations, the antinomies of action and finally most important is to discuss the present and future.
I have learned that ambiguity and freedom lay out the entire philosophical elements and under the printing of de Beauvoir’s stance on ethics. In some cases, the learning from my reading of the said article concluded De Beauvoir discards any idea of complete goodness or moral imperative that takes place on its own (Beauvoir, 1948). Finally, the most crucial part highlighted that Human Freedom could be only in concrete projects not based on abstracts. I feel that to make something created pass into the nothingness a blameworthy substitute for recreation.The overall freedom requires the entire process of realization of concrete ends of some particular regions. It is about entering the human minds and most importantly understanding the needs and requirements of the human in real life.
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