Critically analyse the effectiveness of multi-agency working within integrated offender management.

A case study portfolio (50% of total assessment) (2000 words) assessing learning outcomes 4 & 5
Reflect upon the various methodologies adopted by Government and society to prevent offending behaviour.
Critically analyse the effectiveness of multiagency working, whilst taking into consideration the National
Offender Management agencies.
Learning Outcomes to cover

  1. Critically analyse the effectiveness of multi-agency working within integrated offender management.
  2. Critically evaluate the National Offender Management agencies, presenting a balanced and well-argued case for an alternative hypothetical model.
    The content which aligns to the College of Policing Curriculum learning outcomes for the Certificate of
    Knowledge in Policing but delivered at the appropriate HE level, please refer to the CKP Curriculum Code
    Mapping Document for Level 5 for details.
    • The history of crime and punishment in the UK
    • The British prison system and its effectiveness in rehabilitation
    • The history of Penal Reform
    • The causes of criminal behaviour and its effect upon victims and communities
    • Controlled Drugs and their role in crime trends (Include Methadone, Dr Marks)
    • The Revolving Door Syndrome in relation to offending
    • The effectiveness or otherwise of engaging with offenders
    • The Street Crime Initiative (2002)
    • The Tower Project – Blackpool
    • The Steps Project – Macclesfield
    • The National Offender Management Service (2004)
    • The Restorative Justice Process
    • The Casey Review (2008) and its impact upon IOM
    • Youth Offending and its impact upon society
    • The partnership approach to offender management (MAPPA/MARAC, etc)
    • The use of Community Sentences as a rehabilitation tool
    • Creation of the Ministry of Justice
    • The Prolific Priority Offender Scheme (PPO) (2004)
    • Integrated Offender Management/Navigate
    • Using crime statistics as a measure of success
    • What does a successful outcome look like?
    • The potential impact of the privatisation of the National Probation Service

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