•Critically discuss the value to marketers of understanding the consumer-self

•Critically discuss the value to marketers of understanding the consumer-self. (The Self) Critically discuss the value of the shopping process concept for informing effective marketing. (Shopping, Buying Disposing)

Answers to the lower end of the available grades will typically be

less successful in answering the question,

 omit or incorrectly identify key concepts,

 offer inaccurate or inappropriate information,

 be less convincing in terms of knowledge of required information.

 Answers to the higher end of available marks will typically offer

 clear and concise answers to the question,

 evidence more complete knowledge,

evidence more comprehensive understanding of key concepts and value,

 offer progressive discussion and evaluation of the value of this knowledge,

 employ examples to support evidence,

 show personal insight (independent thinking) and

 convince the reader of the writer’s appreciation of the needs of the question.

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