Choose an organisation that undertakes mostly digital marketing

  1. Details of the Assignment
    Assignment name: Portfolio (5000 word equivalent)
    Component Number: 1
    Assignment weighting: 100%
    Assignment details: Choose an organisation that undertakes mostly digital marketing. You may find that using a smaller
    brand, who perhaps started on a social media platform fulfils this brief better than an international firm.
    Part 1 – Research
    Undertake the research into where this firm currently sits in the market
  • who are their customers?
  • who are their competitors?
  • where does the firm sit in the market?
  • what are the firms strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the current external operating environment?
    Part 2 – Plan
    What direction(s) should the organisation next take and why?
    What are the firms (many) options for how they could achieve that goal?
    Part 3 – Report
    Which ONE of the proposed options in part two should be undertaken?
    What should be their SMART objective for the next 2-3 years?
    Propose how and why the organisation should take this approach rather than any other.

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