You will be competing against the computer and not other students but the simulation and decision periods are time-sensitive and a schedule will be provided for completion over Week 5 – 11.

Subject Title Marketing Strategy
Subject Code MKT301A
Assessment Title Simulation Report
Graduate Capabilities Professional Expertise
Innovative Problem Solving
Independent Self-Management
Learning Outcome/s b. Evaluate the current marketing situation of a business in a changing
marketing environment

c. Apply appropriate models and theories to develop marketing
strategy in mature and declining markets

d. Reflect on the legal and regulatory resources required by a
professional marketer when developing marketing strategy
Assessment type Individual
Weighting % 40%
Word count 1,500 words (+/- 10%)
Due day Week 11, Sunday 11.59pm
Submission type Turnitin 
Format/layout of assessment Report:
ICMS Cover Page
Findings (use sub-headings consistent with assessment tasks)
Reference List

Assessment instructions The basis of the Simulation and all relevant links etc will be provided to
students via a workshop in Week 5 of the Trimester. This workshop will
also provide information on how to use the simulation software and how
to get started
Initially, you will identify the products, markets and marketing activities
needed to manage a successful business. Each period, you will enter a
number of decisions and a set of results will made available within the
simulation. Over a number of simulated periods, you may need to
change some of your marketing strategy.
You will be competing against the computer and not other students but
the simulation and decision periods are time-sensitive and a
schedule will be provided for completion over Week 5 – 11. There
this is a progressive assessment which needs to be started well
before the due date.
Regardless, students should prepare to spend at least 10 hours
(an average of 2 hours/week) over these weeks to complete the
simulation – this is outside the time to prepare the report

ASSESSMENT BRIEF___________________________________________________
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On completion of the simulation, you will prepare a report for the board
of management of your company which will include your initial market
analysis, the products you chose to offer, pricing and distribution
decisions over the 8 quarters. You will also comment on any changes
to these or other elements of your plan that you made through the
simulation and the reasons for the changes.

The assessment will be made as follows:
 15% – financial outcome compared to other participants outcomes.
 55% – documentation of your strategy and changes you made and
the logic behind them.
 30% – a personal reflection on the process (not the outcomes) and
how the simulation assisted in your understanding of marketing

A summary of the results of the simulation should be added as an
Readings for the assessment Marketplace provide several support materials (PPTX and online
information) which students can access as part of the simulation
and are available after the student has registered into the game.
In addition to this, Students would also be expected to undertake
additional research (credible, factual, and explicit evidence) to complete
this assessment from academic text, journal articles, trade publications,
industry research documents to support all claims made with credible,
factual, and explicit evidence. Students should also utilise the learning
resources suggested in the subject outline and those provided on

Students are to cite a minimum of 6 independent and credible
references (a good balance of industry and academic) for a paper of
this nature and layout and presentation according to the ICMS style
guide and APA referencing system.

Unofficial blogs, promotional material and sensational content must be
excluded from the research. Students are to also avoid using lesscredible sources such as Wikipedia, UK Essays, Slideshare,
and other sites which are student-based content (assessments and/or
powerpoint presentations)

The Reference List should be numbered and include a separate section
for sources of the visuals/images.
Grading Criteria / Rubric The marking rubric for this assessment is shown below.

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