What is a musical score, what types are there, and who follows it?

What is a musical score, what types are there, and who follows it?
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In your final project, as in the polyrhythm and sampling assignments, you’ll be writing a score. Although some
of you relied on garage band to create “scores” for the previous assignments, for your Final Project you’ll need to
draw these out. This is because the score you will be writing will be performed by another group. (more on this
In this discussion topic, let’s discuss some of the following (we’re not limited to these!) Please don’t answer all
the questions in a single post – instead, pick one to discuss per post so that others can add your thread.
Finally, use a meaningful Title so that others know what you’ve written about.

  • when were some of the first scores written?
  • are musical scores an accurate depiction of what you actually hear?
  • what different types of scores are there?
  • What type(s) of music genres typically adhere to the score, and what genres typically don’t?
  • What is a Graphic Score?
  • How have scores changed over the centuries?
  • What significant changes to the generally accepted types of scores happened in the 20th Century?
  • If you have any experience with music software like Finale, Sibelius, Noteflight, MuseScore, etc….what are the
    advantages and disadvantages of scores created by software vs. scores that are completely drawn out by a human
  • your own topic.

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