Conducting a Library Search: Qualitative Inquiry Themes in Research

Conducting a Library Search: Qualitative Inquiry Themes in Research
For this discussion, provide a summary of the scholarly article you found related to your discipline and the 12 themes of qualitative inquiry, and the library search methods you used to find it.

Describe what keywords you used to conduct your library search, why you selected those keywords, and how you found the article, including the ways you refined your search. Provide your thoughts about how your library search methods could be improved and what went well with your library search methods, including tips and pointers for conducting library searches.

Be sure to copy and save the article’s persistent link so you can provide the link in your discussion post. Note: The persistent link will be different from the URL of the page on which you find the article. This link is usually listed in the article’s detailed record or abstract, or is generated in an e-mail if you choose to use the option, when available, to send the article to yourself. Refer to the Persistent Links and DOIs library guide for further guidance.

The Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods text discusses 12 themes of qualitative inquiry, each of which fits into one of the following three categories:
Design Strategies
Design strategies include the following themes:

  1. Naturalistic.
  2. Emergent design.
  3. Purposeful sampling.
    Data Collection and Fieldwork Strategies
    Data collection and fieldwork strategies include the following themes:
  4. Qualitative data.
  5. Personal experience and engagement.
  6. Empathic neutrality and mindfulness.
  7. Dynamic systems.
    Analysis Strategies
    Analysis strategies include the following themes:
  8. Unique case orientation.
  9. Inductive analysis and creative synthesis.
  10. Holistic perspective.
  11. Context sensitivity.
  12. Voice, perspective, and reflexivity.
    Strategic Framework for Qualitative Research
    The 12 themes of qualitative inquiry work together as a framework that embrace the characteristics of qualitative research. The themes of qualitative inquiry:
    • Provide a common purpose and direction for decision making while conducting qualitative research.
    • Define vital characteristics that demonstrate the value of qualitative research and qualitative data.
    • Reinforce how a qualitative approach is the most appropriate way to acquire particular types of information.

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