For this assignment, you may use the technical object you chose for your Product Definition and Description Assignment, or you may choose a different object.

English 3309
Fall 2020
This writing assignment is due before midnight on
Sunday, November 1, 2020
This assignment is a detailed set of instructions, of professional writing quality. Your
instructions MUST incorporate written directions for your readers to follow, as well as at least
one relevant and appropriate visual aid (pictures, graphs, flow charts, etc.).
For this assignment, you may use the technical object you chose for your Product
Definition and Description Assignment, or you may choose a different object.

Your instructions
must include graphics. Follow the advice on instructions provided in Chapter 19 of your
textbook. You must also decide how to organize your instructions (by tasks, by tools, by grouping
tasks, etc.) and follow a consistent pattern of organization throughout your document. Be
consistent in font, margins, layout, etc. Unless your degree is in some field of Culinary Arts, you
may not choose a process of food preparation for this assignment. Unless your degree is in
some field of Automotive Maintenance or Repair, you may not choose a process of automotive
maintenance for this assignment.

If you choose a standard document layout for your Instructions, please follow MLA or APA
format. However, this assignment provides an opportunity for you to show your creative skills,
as well – as described in Chapter 19 of your textbook, there are a number of formats that can be
effective for instructional documents. You may choose a Prezi presentation, a tri-fold brochure,
hyperlinked instructions, a PowerPoint presentation, an instructional video (with a time limit of
ten minutes), or any other appropriate medium for this assignment. Have fun with it!

Your Instructions MUST incorporate both a physical description of the object you chose,
as well as the specific steps necessary to operate that object, following the guidelines found in
Chapter 19 of your textbook. Your assignment MUST include EACH of the following elements to
receive full credit:

  • heading and title in MLA or APA format, if appropriate for your format
  • appropriate warnings or legal disclaimers
  • list of materials and/or tools needed
  • description of the object, including such details as
    dimensions and materials
  • picture or diagram of the object, with all important
    parts labeled clearly
  • step-by-step listing of directions with AT LEAST SIX
    SEPARATE STEPS and accompanying text!
  • contact information (website and/or telephone number) for
    questions or problems regarding your instructions
    Your instructions may also include such features as a Table of Contents, a list of
    Frequently Asked Questions (with answers), and/or a troubleshooting guide, as you feel would
    be most appropriate for your object. Your Instructions will also be reviewed for compliance with
    the “Additional Evaluation Criteria” distributed with this assignment.

    For five (5) extra points added to your final grade for this assignment, you may include a
    separate page with at least one paragraph (three or more related sentences!) providing more
    information about your object – why or how you chose this particular object, what you liked the
    most (or the least!) about this project, something unexpected that happened while you were
    working on this project, something surprising you learned while working on this project, etc.
    Evaluation Element Present or
    Comments or Suggestions for Improvement
    Heading/title in
    MLA or APA format
    Clear identification of object or
    Warnings or disclaimers
    List of materials and tools
    Detailed description of object or
    Pictures, diagrams, or other visuals
    Accurate order of steps
    Appropriate separation of steps
    Imperative phrasing, active voice
    Effective document design
    Clear and concise phrasing
    Consistent construction
    Organized in logical sequence
    Absence of surface errors
    Outside sources cited properly
    Additional information
    Overall comments:
    Overall grade:

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