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Current Employment Law Topic

Employee Privacy

Article: You’ve come to expect your data is at risk when you shop. Don’t forget about when you’re at work.

analysis 1

This is an article that was written in November 20th 2018 by Jena McGregor in the Washington post newspaper. Many people are less unconcerned with the idea that their data has been shared by their employers whom they have entrusted a lot of their personal information including social security numbers, W-2 forms, bank accounts for direct deposits and biographic data like fingerprints. Exposing employee’s data affects not only the worker but a large group of people is affected and this can attract a lot of attention if exposed to the authorities. It is hard for the employers to publicize when they have exposed employee’s data. State and employment laws require that when the company decides to expose the private data of a person it should notify the individual.

Analysis 2

Legal considerations are important external forces that affect the human resource management. These regulations relate to federal, state and local legislation and a lot of court decisions that are involved in interpreting these laws. The legal issues involved with proper HR management is employment discrimination and equal employment opportunity. These two legal issues affect the way the HR operates.

According to federal law, in order to make an employment decision, should be on the basis pf legitimate factors related to job. Any employment decision such as hiring, promotions, pay, discipline must employ legitimate job-related factors. Sometimes in making the decision, human resource does not apply legitimate factors and may use false stereotypes and prejudices. The federal law restricts any discrimination in hiring, compensation terms, conditions or privileges of employment on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin and if physically disable. The issue on equal employment opportunity has gone a series of modifications and fine-tuning since the civil rights was approved in 1964.

Human resource management should understand and comply with the federal law since it helps the company to do the right thing, realize the limitations of the human resource and the legal department and also limits the impending liability. The human resource management should sure that it complies with the law through doing the right thing. Operating within these laws is beneficial beyond just complying. Discriminatory practices don’t only make the company a liability but also cause poor morale within the employees. This will cause low satisfaction within the job environment hence poor performance.

Analysis 3

These issues can be prevented through a variety of set rules. Use of legal regulation to regulate human resource management can be effective in dealing with the issue of discrimination during employment. It offers a legal environment and considerations which influence the way the process of employment is provides protection against discrimination during selection, initial placement to jobs and also in initial compensation.

Taking an affirmative action is another way of dealing with the problem of unfair employment. This is usually intended to help achieve a fair employment through urging the employers to hire some groups of workers that may have been discriminated against during the initial steps. This action ensures revisiting of rules and procedures that were used during the past step for the purpose of eliminating the current effects of past discrimination.

Use of major federal employment laws can also be applied when dealing with these issues. many laws have been passed and affect the daily actions that are taken by human resource management. These laws may render some decisions that were unlawfully made early useless. The human resource managers are responsible for making sure that all undertakings that may affect the human resource management adheres to both the letter and intent of the law. most people do not share this view and makes these problems to keep reoccurring.

Analysis 4

According to this article, Equal employment opportunity and employment discrimination are very important to this course. At an individual level, these issues help us to develop foundation for an acceptable behaviour which is crucial for discerning a wide range of styles, values and attitudes that individuals have. This issue also helps people feel that they are treated fairly and equally. This will enhance and increase the level of commitment, contentment and also increase the loyalty of employees towards their employer. The third relevance is that it improves the mindset and the sense of self-worth and well-being.  an individual who is free and feels confident even when in worst situations improves the ego and overall sense pf worth and can contribute comfortably.

On the organizational view, these issues are very important. With equal employment opportunities and less discriminative employments, the organization bears a better chance of attracting more qualified and highly dedicated candidates. Secondly, there is a reduction in wrongful discharge lawsuit which would be based on the discriminative employments. Finally, an organization that observes these issues has the power to have a diverse workforce, which will lead to positive effects on the overall team, departments and the general creativity and productivity of the organization.


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