Construct A Risk Response Matrix That Details At Least 3 Risk Events That Are Likely For This Case, Your Responses To The Risks, Contingency Plans, Triggers, And The Responsible Party For Each Risk Event

Risk Response Matrix

Shoreline Stadium Case

The G&E company is tasked with the responsibility of building a 47,000-seat shoreline baseball stadium. This construction was supposed to start on July 3,1017 and be completed in time for the beginning of the 2020 season. A clause spelling a penalty of $250,000 per day for any day beyond April third was provided in the contract. Mr. Percival Young who is the president of this company, said with optimism after getting the contract and affirmed that the company would amass a $3 million from the project.


There are a number of risks that are attached to shoreline stadium. First there is a risk of flooding. Since this stadium is built at the shore, it is prone to floods especially when the sea increases in volume and spills over. Another risk is landslide. This can be an effect of unstable slopes which can slide anytime there is rain. The third issue is multi-hazard. This is a combination of all other small hazards such as fire, change in weather conditions, hurricanes, wildlife and aqua life encounters.


Khan & Chatterjee (2018) asserts that in the case of flooding, people should move to higher grounds, stay out of floodwaters and avoid taking a drive through the areas that are flooded. Electricity and gas should be turned off while maintaining a distance from power lines and electrical wires. When a landslide occurs, those involved should move away from the line bris as quickly as possible. If trapped, one should curl into a tight ball and protect the head. Try as much as possible to stay away from the slide area. The best response to a multi-hazard risk is first to accept the risk and then find the best ways to mitigate them, in case of fire one should raise the fire alarm.

Contingency Plan

Flooding risk can be met with a lot of plans. Building of flood barriers and other floodprooffing measures such as elevating the structure should be considered. Contouring and use of sandbags can be used as a contingency and long lasting plan against the effects of floods.  Project manager is responsible for this event. Watson et al., (2017) proposes that an important contingency plan for a landslide is stabilizing the slopes with an improved drainage and building of waterproof retaining wall. In case of a landslide, the retaining wall can act as a barrier for the moving earth. It is the responsibility of project manager to put this across.

Fallon et al., (2017), says that a multi-hazard needs a well throughout out contingency plan that will offer a solution to all hazards encompassed here. It is important that vulnerable facilities be replaced with new current code facilities on routine basis. Like in the case of electricity, the wires should be replaced Oftenly with high durable wire. There should also be an insurance cover towards all probable hazards that cannot be anticipated. Carrying out drills and enhancing emergency planning will equip the workers with the right skills to use in case such a hazard arises. The community around the shoreline stadium should be educated on these natural hazards so that they can understand them and be equipped with the right measures. Risk management team should take these recommendations into action.


Floods can be triggered by extreme rain and high winds that can force the water mass to flow in a particular direction. Landslide comes about as a result of earthquake and high rains. Multi-hazards are triggered by a number of factors depending on the hazard. Fire can be triggered by faulty electric system.


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