If Republicans Fear Trumps Presidency, What do you Expect Minorities and Muslims

If Republicans Fear Trumps Presidency

Donald Triumph is now the elected president of United States in the year 2016 and will continue ruling until the end of four years. His presidency sends fear, and negative feelings to all minorities and Muslims such as African Americans, disabled people, American Muslims and Hispanics. Ozlar states that Muslims have mixed shock, worry, and trauma. Some people from the minority groups may be contemplating of going back to their countries, while others wait to unite and mobilize to ensure they have comfortable stay in America. The working groups staying in the city might move to live in rural areas and give in to spend transport fees with the fear of arising wars and confusion in the city. Others are still very angry after being insulted extremists, rapists, and criminals (Ali).

Some African-American investors and having their businesses in the country may opt to move their businesses to other countries fearing reduction of customers and attacks of their businesses. The alarms and cause of worries among the groups come from his comments during presidential rallies. Donald Trump’s rally in Minnesota, on Sunday, stated very well that after he becomes the president, he would block settlement of refugees in United States. Being a Republican presidential candidate, he stressed that he would target Somali communities residing in the state. Donald Trumph stressed that Minnesota experiences major problems arising from faulty vetting of refugees with large numbers being Somalis. Triumph addressed the crowd with major concerns on refugees in the state and indicated that they are allowed in the state without their approval, support, or knowledge of American citizens.

Trumph was against the plan of his running mate Hillary Clinton stating that she has a plan of importing generations of extremism, terrorists, and radicalisms in American schools and communities. Triumph stated that when he will be elected president, he would suspend refugee from Syria and radicalize Islamic terrorists from the country. He supports his idea of suspending Islam’s and minority groups out of America by stating that they join ISIS groups to spread extremist views through the country and the world. The recent terrorist attacks using knives in St. Cloud agitate him. Trumph states that admission of refugees will only be through acceptance by the local communities they are to be placed. Specifically admissions will be stopped in regions having earlier terror attacks. The Washington Post states that Islamophobia in United States never started with Donald Trump’s political campaign and will not end with him.

The former Bush speechwriter (Michael Gerson) stated that Islamophobia is an entrenched platform within the party of Republican. Gerson reported his observations in the last two cycles of presidential nomination where Republican candidates proposed their wish to have loyalty oaths from Muslims who wished to serve in the government. Muslims serving in American administration were ruled out since they acted as threats to the freedom of United States citizens. Iftikhar comments that Republicans argued that Muslim immigrants have an aim of conquering Americans and colonizing them. Islam religion in America is addressed as most murderous mayhem in the planet. Triumph being a republican and one running presidential rallies, took the advantage of his position to stress the already existing thoughts of Muslims by American republican citizens.

Iftikar asserts that Trumph placed total and complete shutdown of Islam’s entering the United States is required. Muslim rejection in America was clearly shown by Donald trump who denied Khizr’s wife to speak during the Democratic convention because she embraced a Muslim culture. Trump commented on Yahoo news that Muslim-Americans will be required to register with an official database from the government and be mandated to carry their identification cards every time. Donald Trump called Mexicans rapists suggesting a national policy of stopping people and frisking them, with special targets to African American community (Rapperport).

However, there is no reason for Muslims to fear, there are great expectations that minority Somali and Muslim groups not involved in terror attacks will be spared from harsh Trumph attacks. Ali comments that Trump called working minority groups privileged since they work for Americans, and save their money on American Bank accounts. Ozlar states that Trumph will relax and pull back his rhetoric as noted by many observers. The president victory speech after they met with Barrack Obama were measured in content and tone which were better than his comments during campaigns. Esther an Immigration reporter states that more than one thousand Somalis work in Minnesota international airport where he held his rally. Somali workers ensure normal and critical operations run each day in the airport. Moreover, other Minnesota Somalis work in occupations that help most Americans.

Esther adds that Africans own more than three thousand businesses. In addition, immigrants from Africa estimated to have buying power of $800 million each year in the two cities (Esther 2). As a result, Somalis contributing to better America’s way of life will be better positioned in the reign of Trumph. I expect that minority groups will receive double treatments, with terrorists being evacuated from the country and businesspersons and other community workers not being affected by the campaign against holding minority groups in America. To support my argument, Triumph concentrates on Muslims and other minority groups involved in terror attacks and does not mention any threat on those involved in good businesses that support the country economically such as working in airports and keeping large and small-scale businesses.

Esther in her reports states that Trumph’s commented on Sunday to place a restrictive ban on Muslims and other immigrants involved in terror attacks. Further admissions of minority and Muslim groups in America will be through acceptance by the local authorities. Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison victory in Minnesota will regulate strict laws placed for the non-American citizens living in United States. Ilhan Omar is a 34-year-old Muslim and the first Somali-American woman appointed as the state legislature in Minnesota. Keith Ellison is also a Muslim representative who retained his congressional seat in Minnesota 5th District, in the race for Michigan 15th House district seat (Esther 1). Muslims and other minority groups require uniting and mobilizing to ensure they have neutralized the effect of Trumph rise on America as a great nation. Finally, Mr. Trump is no longer a candidate but he is a president-Elect of the US, so actions speak louder than words. So far, his nominated and possible nominees is clear indication of Trump is not a president for all.

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